Dec 112010

This organic color system had been in use in Europe since 1994 and finally made its way to the USA in 2002.  Since 2002 the organic color system has had a revolutionizing impact in the salon industry. The organic color systems color line is a safe non corrosive ammonia free coloring system that produces the most natural true to your hair color tones and highlights ever achieved in the market today

This is a truly remarkable product because it is free from any unnatural, unwanted ingredients that can hurt or damage your hair, scalp, bronchial system or lungs. There are no parabens, plastics, or carcinogenics.

This color line has certified natural organic ingredient and is completely safe for anyone. It is a must for anyone with sensitive skin and scalp.

My clients are amazed at the coverage and how vibrant their hair looks and feels.  You receive even color with no banding. I also invite you to experience the shampoos and conditioner. I offer a guarantee on all treatments and styling products.

“I trust this color system with my entire reputation.”

“I have been using organic color systems exclusively on my clients since 2008. In that time not only have my clients noticed a dramatic improvement in the quality of their hair and the lack of chemical scent, along with superior grey coverage and little or no fading, but I as a professional in the hair industry for over 20 years continue to be amazed by this system.